The following is a list of projects I am (or have been) working on that I, for some reason or another, not consider to be part of my main research (and hence do not list on my research page).

  • EasyCrypt Tutorial
    In this ongoing project, we (Charlotte Mylog, François Dupressoir, and I) are developing a collection of tutorial material for EasyCrypt in an attempt to make the tool more accessible (mainly focusing on “pen-and-paper” cryptographers). All of the available tutorial material can currently be found on
  • EasyCrypt Documentation Tooling
    In this ongoing project, I (under supervision of Pierre-Yves Strub) am extending EasyCrypt with documentation-related functionality that (1) improves the experience of searching/navigating inside the interactive mode of the tool, and (2) allows for the extraction of documentation in formats like HTML (à la javadoc or rustdoc).